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All About Me

Photographer. Cinematographer. Storyteller. 

My name is Tsz Lung, I am a content creator based in Hong Kong and Melborune. My passion in life is both Photography and Cinematography.

I grew up in Hong Kong in a home full of colour and prosperity and where most things were homemade or homegrown with love and energy. Endless learning and challenging of anything has always been a huge part of my life.

I'm starting my life in Melborune since 2020 and continue my creative career in this beautiful city. 

I am a winner of  "The Best Creative Film (Golden Award) of Hong Kong Wedding Videography Award 2014 (ESDlife)"

In addition to being a photographer, I am also being ML / AI  /CS researcher and deep tech consultant for a startup companies.

Shoot me an email with your questions

Check out my site and learn how I can help you capture the best day of your life.

Our Dream Team

I'm a dad of two lovely cats ( Target and Triangel )





A Professional Photographer and Cinematographer

Tsz Lung

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